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Drink pure water for a healthy life. Purification Technology : RO : Type : Electrical, Purification Stage :Stage 1: 5 microns inline PP filter || Stage 2: Granule Active Carbon Filter ||Stage 3: Block Active Carbon Filter || Stage 4: RO Membrane ||Stage 5: Post UV Filtration.
Fully automatic RO water purifier with AUTO SHUT OFF Function and TDS Adjuster Stainless Steel body with two 300 GPD high-performance copper winding motor.
RO Water Purifier System Which runs up to 3000 TDS level of Input Water from Both Groundwater and Munciple Supply.
Purification Capacity: 100 Liter Per Hour,2 pcs 300 Gpd Booster Pump, 4 pcs membrane.
Max. duty cycle per day: 800 To 900 Ltr, Suitable for Office, Restaurant, Cafe, Resort and Factory.

ATLANTA 100 Lph Commercial RO Water Plant.

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